Missoula Children's Theatre Coming Soon!

It's less than a month until the little red truck rolls into Castle Pines for this year's residency! Auditions are on Monday, July 17th at 12:30 pm. If you have preregistered your child, they will be guaranteed a spot, but they will still be auditioning for roles. The audition is in a group audition format, and is a really fun time for the kids. They sing, dance, play games, and have fun!

Missoula Children's Theatre is a very welcoming, non-competitive environment that provides instruction and a challenge for experienced actors, but is also well-suited to first-timers as well. We have had many kids catch the theater bug at MCT and go on to become very involved in other productions through their schools or other organizations. They still return to MCT every year, though, to see their friends and learn from the fantastic directors!

Speaking of directors, they stay with generous host families while they are here. We are currently looking for a family with a pet-free home to host one of our directors. All that we ask is that they have a safe, comfortable private area to stay and everyone who has hosted a director has really enjoyed it. 

We also are looking for a few parents who would be be willing to throw our cast party held after the last performance. We usually have cookies and punch or water in the lobby and ask all of the parents to donate.  Please let us know if you are interested. 

If you haven't registered your child, please click on the Register Here button and it will direct you to our online store where you can register, pay tuition, and buy your tickets for the performances in advance. We hope to see you soon!


MCT's Jack & the Beanstalk residency is moving to a new home!

After many years at Rocky Heights Middle School, the Castle Pines Arts & Cultural Foundation is taking it's show on the road!  Bad jokes aside, this year's MCT Residency will be held at the Foundry Church at 7280 Lagae Rd in Castle Pines, 80108.  This facility is located on the west end of the King Sooper's shopping center and will provide a more intimate theater experience, as well as being very convenient for families in Castle Pines are the surrounding areas.  

This year's MCT residency will run from July 17th until July 22nd. Auditions are at 12:30pm on Monday, July 17th and rehearsals will be from 12:30-5 Tuesday-Friday, with individual rehearsal times varying depending on roles. Actors will be required to arrive at 11:00 on  Saturday the 22nd for rehearsals, and the day will culminate with two performances at 3:00 and 5:30pm. 

Advance registration is available this year, guaranteeing children a role in the performance. Actors who haven't pre-registered are welcome to audition, but a role is not guaranteed. Pre-registration, ticket sales and other information are at www.castlepinesarts.org.


Registration and Tickets Sales for Jack and the Beanstalk now open!

Registration is now open for our fourth presentation of Missoula Children's Theatre! This summer's production will be Jack and the Beanstalk! The camp will be held in the afternoons from Monday, July 17th to Friday, July 21st with two performances on Saturday, July 22nd, at the Foundry Church located at 7280 Lagae Rd. in Castle Pines. Rehearsal times vary according to role and a full schedule will be handed out at audition on Monday, the 17th. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the schedule, and we can give you our best estimate based on past years.

Registration will be a little different this year as we are trying to make summer planning a little easier for our MCT families. Children can pre-register for the production, guaranteeing them a role in the play. They will still need to audition for roles, however. Space is limited, though, especially for certain age groups, so early registration is encouraged.  

History of Missoula Children's Theatre

It was the summer of 1970. Jim Caron, unemployed and searching for a mission in life, was on his way from Chicago to a friend's wedding in Oregon when his aging Volkswagen van broke down. The nearest service station was—fortunately and fatefully—in Missoula, Mont. While waiting for the van to be patched together, Jim noticed an audition poster for Man of La Mancha. Just for fun, he auditioned and was cast in the role of Sancho. An instant and lasting friendship was developed with Don Collins, the actor playing Don Quixote. Along with Don, MCT's current senior development office, Jim organized a company of adults who did plays for children on a make-shift stage in a local movie theatre. The plays—as well as the idea of developing live theatre for kids—were well received in Missoula, and soon nearby Montana and Idaho communities requested performances of their own.

During this time period (the early ’70s) the company began to use kids as cast members when it seemed appropriate—Hansel and Gretel, the Dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc. In 1972, when February performances of Snow White were booked into Miles City, a small Montana community located an icy 500 miles from Missoula, Jim and the other directors were not excited about the responsibility of traveling with seven children across the state, so they decided to take a radical step; they would attempt to cast the dwarfs from children in Miles City. The directors traveled across the state a week before the rest of the company, a bit skeptical about finding seven kids who might be interested in being in the play. When 450 children arrived at the tryout, the astonished team auditioned the huge group and cast the seven roles. The success of that week—obvious major interest among kids, parents, teachers, and even the press as well as an excellent production and sold out audiences—opened the eyes of the MCT staff and opened the doors to the MCT future.

The lessons learned in those early days, especially the rewards of involving children as cast members, set the stage for today's International Tour, MCT's Performing Arts Camps a strong local children's season, the acclaimed MCT Community Theatre, and the magnificent home base facility which opened its doors in 1998. As for the future, MCT continues to reach for the stars.

*This information is from the Missoula Children’s Theatre website. For additional information, visit their website.